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879 4th Ave, Wonderboom South, Pretoria

Offers a comprehensive portfolio of garden maintenance, design and landscaping services.  If your commercial property lacks a garden or has one that has been neglected or that needs regular care, then we can help.

Contact us today for your free initial consultation and we’ll recommend a bespoke garden solution to improve the look and feel of your property.

Green Cube Maintenance and Landscaping gardening pest control lawn

Garden Maintenance

Our permanent on-site teams – supported by area managers – are dedicated to ensuring that your garden is a hassle-free source of pride and pleasure. We offer various lengths of maintenance contracts and a range of service level agreements so that you can be sure you’re receiving excellent value and the assistance you require.

Green Cube Maintenance and Landscaping gardening pest control lawn

Once-off Cleaning

For gardens in distress. While we believe that the best results come with longer-term maintenance and care, we understand that there are times when a more aggressive, short-term approach is required. We can get your garden area back to square one and prepare it for a new lease of life.

Green Cube Maintenance and Landscaping

Instant Lawn

A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself. For a lush, green lawn that doesn’t cost the earth, you can rely on Green Cube Maintenance & Landscaping for lawn care including scarifying, mowing, and supplying and spreading topdressing. We also install Kikuyu and LM grass instant lawns.

Green Cube Maintenance and Landscaping

Garden Restoration & Rehabilitation

We can restore your gardens or beds to their former glory and ensure they stay that way with regular maintenance.

Green Cube Maintenance and Landscaping gardening pest control lawn

Tree Felling

Trees which have outgrown their locations or become unstable can cause a variety of issues, from excessive shade that impacts other plants, to uplifted or cracked paved or tar surfaces and even damage to buildings. Our professional tree surgery and tree felling service safely deal with problem trees of any size.

Green Cube Maintenance and Landscaping

Irrigation Design & Installation

All gardens need water, but it’s a precious commodity that we can’t afford to waste. Our irrigation systems ensure that your plants receive the water they need in the most efficient and precise way possible. We can incorporate greywater and rainwater recovery systems and calculate optimum irrigation schedules.

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