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Manufactured from pine bark it forms a protective covering over the soil, reducing evaporation and increasing aeration. Mulching helps reduce salt stress on plants.

SIZE: 30dm³

Total Price (incl Tax): R 34


  • Reduces evaporation of water from garden soil.
  • Prevents weed seeds from germinating.
  • Controls the temperature of garden soil in winter and summer.


Ideal for mulching in your garden. Mulch is a friable barky mix that is an important tool to use in coping with salt stress on plants. With the evaporation of soil water, the salt content of the soil increases which into your garden soil and has the unique ability to make an ideal for summer mulch: roots grow right up into the cool, moist surface layer of the soil. It also prevents your soil from freezing in winter which can be damaging to plant roots.

Application Frequency:

Use Mulch as required or apply in autumn or in spring to regulate soil temperature.

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