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Professional Potting Mix


Culterra Compost is made from organic materials. It is free from weeds and harmful soil pathogens. Our compost adds beneficial soil microbes as well as macro and micro-nutrients to your soil.

SIZE: 30dm³

Total Price (incl Tax): R 38


Culterra potting mix is specifically formulated for indoor plants. It holds extra water and has added nutrients to assist with plant growth.

  • Premium fertilizer added to Culterra Potting Mix that feeds for up to five months.
  • Coco Peat provides improved moisture control and drainage and helps prevent disease, root rot and sickly plants.
  • One hundred percent organic raw material.
  • Excellent for potting new plants and re-potting old ones.
  • Use straight from the bag- no additives are required.

Directions for use:

For container gardening

  1. Use a container with drainage holes.
  2. Add enough Culterra Potting Mix to ensure the plant is at the correct level (roots below and stems above the ground). Press lightly.
  3. Water thoroughly to ensure that the plant roots are in the soil.
  4. No need to fertilize the plant for up to 5 months.
  5. Supplement the potting soil after five months with one of Culterra fertilizers.

For transplanting

  1. Choose a container (with drainage holes) in a larger size than the current one.
  2. Remove the plant from the old pot by tapping the pot in two or three places and turning it upside down into your hand. Do not tear the roots from the soil.
  3. Add potting mix to the new container so that it stands at the correct level. Fill with potting mix and press lightly. The plant should be at the same level as it was originally grown and there should be 2-3cm space from the top of the soil to the lip of the pot.
  4. Water thoroughly to settle the potting mix and then allow the pot to drain.
  5. Supplement the potting mix after five months with one of Culterra’s fertilizers.

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