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Cycad Mix


Cycad mix is a well-balanced medium used to plant or re-plant cycads.

SIZE: 30dm³

Total Price (incl Tax): R 37


  • Stimulates microbial and earthworm population of soil.
  • Improves drainage and physical structure of soil.
  • Retains air and moisture essential for good root growth.
  • Slow-release source of macro-and micro-nutrients.

Directions for Use:

Application: Ideal for planting out cycads. Cycad mix is a well-drained mix that is ideally suited to the planting out of cycads. Slow-release fertilizers have been added to the mix to boost growth. Cycad mix is adjusted to the correct pH for plant growth. An organic water-retentive medium (coir fibre dust) has been added to supply cycads with the correct amount of water.

Application Frequency: Use Culterra Cycad Mix when planting out cycads.

For potting and re-potting cycads:

  1. Remove the cycad from the container and leave as much of the growing medium on the roots.
  2. Set the cycad plant in a shallow pot of size with adequate drainage holes and fill it with cycad mix. The plant should be firmly situated.
  3. For further nutrition apply Vita Flora 5:1:5 (33) Slow-Release Nitrogen to the cycads during the growing season. During the growing season, fertilize every 4 weeks.
  4. Water your cycad when required or depending on the ambient temperature. Moisture levels in the potting medium can be checked by pushing your index finger into the potting medium and checking moisture content.

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