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Seedling Mix


Culterra seedling mix is a graded medium with added slow release fertilizer. Added coir assist with water retention.


Total Price (incl Tax): R 55



Ideal for filling seedling trays, hanging baskets and colour bags for annuals and vegetable seedlings. Culterra Seedling Mix is manufactured from carefully selected raw materials and is the ideal pH for seedling growth. Slow-release Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium are added to our seedling mix.

Application frequency: Apply Culterra Seedling Mix as required.

For filling trays, hanging and colour bags:

  1. Use Culterra Seedling Mix only.
  2. Use a tray, basket or bag with drainage holes.
  3. Add enough seedling mix to make sure that the seedling is at the correct level (roots below and stems above). Press lightly
  4. Water thoroughly to ensure that the seedlings’ roots are set in the mix. Enough fertilizer has been added to feed up to three months.
  5. For further nutrition apply one of Culterra fertilizers or use Culterra Organic Seedling Food to boost the organic component of our mix.

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